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Be Electrically Safe.


Here comes Juice - the Christchurch electricians, always ready, and never back out in any problems you have. Let us all forget all the good for nothing agencies who just told you that they will help you but ended up left you hanging without saying any words. If you really want the experts when it comes to electricity problems, well, you come to the right place.

Our company promotes humbleness and friendliness to all of our customers. We value our clients so much that we assure them our best services they will never regret. We are also have this experience for more that years and we can say that there is no problem about your electricity that we would not know the solutions. We are always willing to deliver from businesses with high standard materials and services to families from New Zealand. From installing electricity, and electric wires to your new house, the heat pumps installation to making comfortable and setting up networks to your office, we come with readiness and do our job right and assuring you that our service is pay worthy. Not only that, your money will go in good hands, and you are hundred percent sure that your new house is electrically safe.