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How Design Works – Christchurch landscape architecture

Coming to Christchurch you simply realize that you have come to a paradise. Then, here is the question: How Design Works – Christchurch landscape architecture? You simply see that when it comes to landscape architecture they have done it extremely careful and huge planning was involved.


For a landscape design, it is interesting that no two projects are the same. Each of their park and sightseen has its own design and beauty and is special in a certain way. The beauty in all, landscape architects are able to express their creativity. They are extremely careful about choosing the right plants, trees and flowers and how they will combine it all the best way possible.


Usually, the architects are checking the site and discuss with the city manager on the project in order to check if there are any special requirements. Then they are preparing sketch plan with ideas and solutions so that city manager could choose one.


Then it comes detailed drawings which are produced which outline the specific materials, finishes and construction methodologies for hard landscaping features.  Everything is chosen per New Zealand Standards and is made to instruct contractors about the quality and performance of the items described. Among all documentation is also plan and planting schedule. These documents are ensuring that the implementation of the plantings meets the quality and outcome desired.